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RW8 RagWing Pt2S
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RW11 Rag-A-Bond
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RW19 Stork
RW20 Stork side-by-side
RW22 Tiger Moth
RW26 Special II

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News Archive

Roger Mann's Newsletter 04-17-2009
Roger can from now be reached by email! The address is: roger@ragwing.net Please contact Roger for support or if you are interested in RagWing plans.


Roger Mann's Newsletter 11-18-2007
Roger: Updates. Due to the fact that I had so much trouble finding suitable wood at my local lumber yards on a new design (stearman 2 seat biplane), a decision was made to start offering plans sent by email on pdf files...


Roger Mann's Newsletter 12-13-2006
Roger: Good day, The new design RW28 is progressing and is ready for cover and
paint. If all goes well it could be test flown before the end of the year

New aircraft in the Ragwing collection 9-26-2006
Roger: Working on a new ragwing very similar to the duster but with a very good wing fold. Attaching a photo and will keep you updated. Should be done around Nov...

New aircrafts on the Ragwing site 8-11-2006
Now there is some new aircrafts in the builders contribution. Ther is new RW Ultra-Piet and a Special, both cached on Ebay....

New Ragwing site, ragwing.net 4-10-2006
Now there is a new Ragwing site on the web! You can find it on http://www.ragwing.net. The design is a little bit different but the content ...

RagWing site coming down 3-20-2006
RagWing News- RagWing internet site is coming down soon and any future contact can be made to Roger Mann at ...

Latest and Greatest Update as of 3-26-2004
RagWing is not a business, it is a hobby. You are seeing this site only because I took my replica to the sun n fun airshow back around 1992 and... 

Articles Archive

Northland Microlight club Inc.
Newsletter June 2002
In the third week of march, Gary and Margaret Skilton, along with Arthur Batten arrived at the Dargaville airfield with a big enclosed trailer, behind their wagon. This looked all very interesting and low and behold, when they opened ...

Kitplanes November 96
RagWing Mann
The man behind RagWing Aviation is Roger Mann, a 31-year-old homebuilder who has parlayed two slow-and-low designs into an expanding home business. Mann's initial two kits are for a...

EAA Experimenter Dec 1995
Rag-a-muffin - an airplane anyone can afford
Webster's Dictionary defines a "ragamuffin" as a scruffy child. In my mind this doesn't mean that the child is unhealthy or handicapped but only that the child has smudges on his face ...

First Flight of the RagWing Special ll
by Randall Hon and Roger Mann
Seeing something work that you and your friends have labored over for months and in most cases years, is a thing of beauty. Only someone who has done this can understand...


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