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Roger Mann's Newsletter 11-18-2007

Updates. Due to the fact that I had so much trouble finding suitable wood at my local lumber yards on a new design (stearman 2 seat biplane), a decision was made to start offering plans sent by email on pdf files. Sort of Ragwings new “Save a Tree” campaign. Since our hobby still uses the most affordable building material (wood) or also considered (All natural composit) the least we can do is offer to save natural resources whenever we can. So you may now get plans whichever way you prefer. Either send hard copy by mail printed on 100% recycled paper or sent to you by email. To get them by email simply state that on your order page. This will also benefit people overseas which will save on your postage cost and long wait. All plans are available on pdf files, even the hangar, ultrahalf VW, etc.
Because PDF files are so easy to copy and put downloadable all RagWing Prints that are now on PDF files will have a fresh copyright and are registered with the library of congress for copyright protection. I understand that 99 % of folks are honest and do not wish to offend those and hope you understand that there still are a few who continue to be less than honest and sell copies of copyrighted Ragwing plans without permission. This is unfortunate and a ongoing problem that has not gone away and I would like to thank you folks who let me know when someone selling orig. ragwing plans arise. Thanks. Most people when asked nicely simply do the right thing.
Stearman! (RW29) Youthought by now that I wasn’t going to say anything about it huh! As of today, 12 ribs are built. Stick built and using the orginal airfoil and reduced to 80% scale. Also the fuselage is framed. It was built square but later will get formers to make it around to resemble the orig. Alum. Tank has been welded and nose cowling purchased. So the project is far from complete and I will only guess at a Nov. completion date. Notice that I did not say Nov. of which year! Only problem so far is that it is taking away from time to finish the Ragcat which is in the process of being covered at this point. When it is finished and flown the ragwing.net master and you will be the first to know. The Ragcat is the current priority.
Description of RagWing. It will closely resemble the old Bobcat except that it will have dual wing struts. It is being built to be a cropduster replica. Main design goal is a 5 minute wingfold that is less than 8 feet wide. In order to fold the wings what you do is to disconnect of flap with one bolt per side. It then hangs out of the way. Then put the pins on the front wing strut strap and front wing root fitting. It then sweeps back in place. The ailerons are not disconnected. To do this it uses a new airfoil which has different spar locations so it can not be added to any other ragwing design so it is all new. Although I have been able to fold wings in the past they have never been something that can be done so quickly which is road tow able. The prototype has the kaw. 440 installed and anything up to 52 hp will be ok. It is 16 ft. long and 19 foot long by 7’10” folded. With the current quick release pins installed it can be folded by one person in 2 minutes. With the cheaper bolts installed it should take 10 minutes. Also a high wing model has been drawn up but only the ribs have been built so far and are awaiting shop space in order to continue.
Lastly I am working on a question and answer section to be put onto the web site and currently drawing plans for the ragcat. As we are once again approaching the holidays and the end of 2007 I would like to thank everyone for continued support and encouragement to continue building and offering plans and understanding that this is not a business but a hobby and I still have to work for a living. It is great fun to see others able to build and fly affordable and safe proven aircraft.
Happy Holidays, Roger Mann



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