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Roger Mann's Newsletter 12-13-2006

Good day, The new design RW28 is progressing and is ready for cover and
paint. If all goes well it could be test flown before the end of the
year and just in time the coldest weather here in South Carolina. It
seems that I cannot let a year go by without testing a new plane and
turning my ground crew/flim crew into human icecubes from the prop
blast. I will keep Tomas updated and I'm sure he will let folks know
asap. Good job and thanks to him for doing such a good job on the site
and I will get him the missing info soon.(sorry, my bad)
Also I have had many question as to what are the other RW aircraft
besides the ones that I sell plans to. There have been 28 (thus the RW1
thru RW28) to date and I will list them all for reference. Some planes
never got enough interest to warrant the time involved to draw plans.
Others were built for someone else as a personal plane or a plane to
market themselves and then there were some that just did not fly well
and were taken out of service. And here they are.

RW1- UltraPiet- Little aircamper repelica
RW2- Ragwing special- Pitts replica
RW3-PT2T- Pilot Trainer 2 in tandum.
RW4-Church midwing replica
RW5- Heath Parasol replica
RW6- Ragamuffin or ragwing parasol.
RW7- Duster
RW8-PT2S- Pilot Trainer 2 side by side.
RW9- Motorbipe
RW10- Ragabond singleplace
RW11- Ragabond 2 place
RW12- Ragabond single J-3 cub look a like.
RW13- Folker Triplane 80%
Rw14- Sopwith Triplane 80% Rebuild of folker Triplane.
RW15- Sopwith Biplane 80 %
RW16- Aerial
RW17- Test bed- Ragabond slot conversion.
RW18- Stork single place.
RW19- Stork tandum
RW20- Stork side by side
RW21- Beaver- Biplane stork.
RW22- Tigermoth 82%
RW23- Flea I
RW24- Flea II-rebuild of flea I.
RW25- Flea III - new design and finally got it correct.
RW26- Special II- pitts replica 2 place.
RW27- Cubby- Low Aspect ratio experiment.
RW28- RagCat- Cropduster replica. (coming soon)

Hope this explains about the RagWing designs and numbering.

I have been very busy at Honeywell Aerospace for the last 6 years. This
year I have worked 825 hours of overtime helping keep rescue helicopters
in the air flying and I have been promised that in the coming year I
will actually be able to get back to normal living. (no overtime!) So I
look forward to getting back to being more involed in aviation and
helping folks, I will produce kits once again and hopefully build a few
planes a year. I look forward to the coming year and would like to wish
each and everyone a happy and safe holiday season. If anyone has the
chance to stop by and see me please do so. Happy Holidays.
Roger Mann
If you are getting to fly then "Watch your six!'

© 2006 Ragwing Aircraft Designs