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Latest and Greatest Update as of 3-26-04
RagWing Aeroplane established 1987 by Roger Mann.

RagWing is not a business, it is a hobby. You are seeing this site only because I took my replica to the sun n fun airshow back around 1992 and people starting asking for plans so that they could build their own. Knowing how hard it is for homebuilders to get good plans I agreed to try. All the designs that I have offered plans for I built because I had an interest in it and other people asked for plans after having found out about it. I have built 27 different designs but only offer the ones that you see here. No plans were ever drawn for the other designs. Several different times I have tried to run it as a business but it never worked out.it turned into work. I don.t ever see it trying to be a full time business again but I do think that it fills a nich. I have tried to close it as well, which turned out even worse because guys would get there hands on a used set of plans with no help from the seller which is not safe. So, back to being a hobby.

Since I do not run this as a business I AM SLOW! But I am honest. You will get your plans. The thing that I promise to do is to not cash your personal check until I send out your plans. Sometimes it is the same day that I get the order and sometimes it is several weeks if they are not in stock. What I also try to do is to abide by the federal trade commissions rules of getting you what you ordered in a reasonable time which they consider to be 30 days.

These plans are ones that you can build from unlike some which are impossible to build a plane from. They stick with proven designs that are similar, in other words they stick to proven technologies and the wheel is not reinvented. Each design was sand bag tested only along with the flight testing and no numbers were crunched so, a stress analisis is not available. They were built, tested and flown by an Airframe and Powerplant certificated mechanic only, not an engineer.

Many hundrends have been built from Ragwing plans and are flying today. It is a reasonable option to consider. There are many very good designs out their although not too many where you can buy plans only. I recommend that you take your time and look around. Plans are cheap enough to buy a couple of sets and then decide which is right for you. It may not be plans at all, it may be a kitted aircraft. If the high cost of kits are not for you then you do have options, and if folks like me were not here then you would have no option which is depressing to me. Everyone should be able to get into the air if that is their desire! That.s the only reason why you can still find Ragwing.

Happy hunting and best of luck.

And best of all for me it is fun again! Yeah! Gone flying, Roger

Ps. I am attempting to make Ragwing a non-profit orginization. This page will be updated when this happens and you will see it here. I now only sell plans only, no kits of any kind. The order form will stay the same.

This is the only official website for Ragwing aircraft. There are no authorized kit suppliers. Please be weary of anyone advertising Ragwing kits because no permission has been granted. Sorry that I cannot help anyone that has been wronged in the past by these companies and this note will heed warning for folks to be careful. Suppliers that I recommend and purchase from are- Aircraft spruce, Wicks, LEAF Inc. Plans suppliers that I recommend-(sticking primarily to wooden low and slow designs) Don Pietenpol the orig. Aircamper, Peter Bowers Flybaby, Bud Evans VP1, Ison Aircraft miniMax, Fisher flying products.

Please send any orders to my home at: Roger Mann/ Ragwing Aircraft

1705 Trail Rd.
Belton, SC. 29627, USA
Phone (864) 787-5980

© 2006 Ragwing Aircraft Designs