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RagWing Fleet
RW1 Ultra-Piet "Pete"
RW2 Special I
RW4 Midwing Sport
RW5 Heath Replica
RW6 RagWing Parasol
RW7 Duster
RW8 RagWing Pt2S
RW9 Motor Bipe
RW11 Rag-A-Bond
RW16 Aerial
RW19 Stork
RW20 Stork side-by-side
RW22 Tiger Moth
RW26 Special II

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RagWing News Letter

To subscribe to the official Ragwing News Letter endorsed by Roger Mann, RagWing designer, send payment to:
RagWing Newsletter
624 West University Drive
PMB 199
Denton TX 76201
Telephone, evenings & weekends: 940.566.5871
email: montmil@flash.net
Subscription rates:

Annual subscriptions(6 issues) $15.00-US
$20.00-Foreign (US funds only-cash, US postal M.O. or US bank draft)

Published six times per year, the Ragwing newsletter is eight-pages filled with flight reports, builder progress updates, technical and construction tips, photos, want ads, and encouragement n' motivation for RagWing builders, pilots and enthusiasts.

Monte Miller, editor of the news letter, has built and flys a RagWing Pientenpol powered by a 4-cyl VW.(and is a heck of a nice guy)

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