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RW19 RagWing Stork

Replica of Fieseler Storch, Wings fold. Tandom model first flew August 1997. Plans include RW 19 + RW20.  
Side view drawing Wing folded
Wingspan 32 ft    VNE 105 mph  
Wingarea 180 sq.ft.    Cruise speed 75 mph 
Length 22 ft    Stall speed 15 mph 
Height 7 ft    Climb rate 1200 fpm 
Seats 2 tandom    Range 250 s.m.
Empty weight 497 lb    Take off run 30 ft 
Gross weight 1200 lb    Landing roll 30 ft
Engine used 2si    Service Ceiling 15.000 
HP/HP Range 70/70-80       
Fuel Capacity 20 gal.       
Landing Gear tailwheel       
Building materials wood, fabric, tube       
Building time 600 man hour       
Plans cost $100      

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