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Raymond B Wylie's RW2 Special

From behind

Cabanes and windshieldl

Wing attach

Dash board



Pilot invironment



Cowling and gear

Sliding canopy

Elevator linkage


In flight by Luciano

Pitts Special replica. All wood construction. Aluminum cowling from firewall forward and front
turtle deck to windshield. Rotax 532-64 hp converted to CDI (no points). Culver prop, basic instruments, airspeed, altimeter, engine monitoring. Eight gallon fuel tank. Rated +6 -4 g's.
Custom/removable canopy, stringers and flared nose bowl (from Murphy Rebel)

The wing chord (rib design) is that of the Minimax therefore allowing better flight characteristics.
Wingspan is 18 ft, length 15 ft. Cockpit is comfortable, 24 inches wide with great

The aeroplane is built by Raymond, but by now it has been sold to a gentelman named Luciano (who is flying the aircraft on the last picture) in Italy.
Luciano is planing change engine to an Rotax 912. RW2 RocketShip or what??


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