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Arthur K. Sproch's RW2 Special


I started my scratched built original Curtis Pitts S-1C after buying a set of plans in February 1996. My aircraft registration number is N2404J.

In 1998, while cutting spruce rib stringers on my table saw, I partially amputated my three right finger tips causing me to put my project on hold for two years. I resumed working on it in January 2000 and I completed it on June 10th, 2003.

I've nicknamed her BLOOD,SWEAT,TEARS and I had it painted on the cowling. She has five hours on the meter so far, and the total building time put into the completion of my aircraft is 2755 hours. She is powered by a Cont. A-65 engine. I used the Poly-Fiber products for my fabric covering and the painting.

I thank my wife for her undivided support and helping me cut out the thousands of rib gussets and her patience with me while I constructed my DREAM COME TRUE in our garage, an original CURTIS PITTS 1945 DESIGN BI-PLANE.

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