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KAWASAKI 340 engines

We are not an engine supplier, but we have used some Kawasaki 340 liquid cooled engines with success. For Liability reasons Kawasaki Heavy industries is putting a stop to their engines getting into the air and we can no longer recommend them, We currently recommend only aircraft engines like 2si,Rotax and the like.

This information is provided for you to use in your personal search for an economic power source. Kawasaki engines have proven themselves to be good motors (in snowmobiles). They were/are standard equipment on Phantoms, Wizards, etc. Personally now have over 850 hours flying these motors.

This is a 340 Liquid cooled, oil injected engine. For people wanting a complete drive pack, Scott Land of Pops Props sells them for about $2000. He also sells manifolds, radiators, etc. to help you build a complete package using your engine. His number is (309) 725-3237.

These are some thrust check stats. that I got:
340 LC, 2.9 to 1 belt, 70X26 prop- 205 lbs. at 6800 RPM
340 FA, 2.8 to 1 belt, 68X26 prop- 190 lbs. at 6600 RPM
440A FA 2.9 to 1 belt, 72X32 prop- 225 lbs. at 6600 RPM

The stats. below with a shorter prop. are ok but not as good as above.
340 LC, 2.6 to 1 belt, 60X28 prop- 165 lbs. at 6800 RPM
340 FA, 2.6 to 1 belt, 58X26 prop- 155 lbs. at 6600 RPM
440A FA, 2.6 to 1 belt,60X28 prop- 160 lbs. at 6600 RPM

Note: The difference between a 340 and a 440 is piston size, a 340 can be made into a 440.

I ABSOLUTELY do not recommend using any Propeller Speed Reduction Unit(PSRU) that uses a 2.0 to 1 reduction. This sets up harmonics that are dangerous. Several failures have been recorded. I also do not recommend the 440B which is 48 hp but cannot be cruised between 5500 and 6000 RPM.

As shown above the best performance comes when using a longer prop.

How do these engines compare?
Rotax 277, 2.58 to 1 gearbox, 60X28 prop-160 lbs. at 6800 RPM
Rotax 503, 2.58 to 1 gearbox, 64X34 prop-200 lbs. at 6800 RPM
Rotax 503, 2.9 to 1 belt, 72X38 prop-260 lbs. at 6800 RPM

Most people who are dissatisfied with Kawasaki engine packs are swinging short props with something below a 2.6 to 1 ratio. Much time and money has gone into the short evaluation above but it proves that once set up properly the 340 can't be beat for the money invested.

Reductions units can be bought for these motors from:
Scott, J-Bird....(414) 626-2611
Clark Aero......(814) 563-3347
Pops Props......(309)725-3237

Jim Cooper in South Dakota is using a LAPS gearbox, he has over 40 hours to date. Jim can be reached at (605) 692-9858. To order this gearbox contact LAPS (708) 683-4099.

I hope that this information helps you in keeping your engine package affordable.

© 2006 Ragwing Aircraft Designs