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Ragwing Nose Bowls

One of the most daunting tasks in completing a homebuilt aircraft is forming a decent looking nose bowl. If building one from scratch you will start by installing the engine, using RTV to secure foam around motor. Carving out the foam to desired shape, covering foam with Plaster paris or bondo, sanding to finished shape, waxing so glass won't stick, laying up 3 layers of fiberglass, sanding, removing from acft., digging out foam and plaster, sanding, fill pin holes, sand and sand.

RagWing supplies a miniature Pitts replica nose bowl that will fit the SPECIAL Biplane, PT2S, or Rag-a-bond. It is ready for the prop hole to be located and cut out and ready for priming, sanding and painting. This saves you 15 to 20 hours of work and will cost you $100 which includes postage in Cont. U.S.

A nose bowl for the MotorBipe or Aerial is also available for the same price. Weight of bowls is 2.2 lbs. Fabricated with 3 layers of crowfoot weave Bi-directional cloth.

Availability of bowls for other designs will be considered if interest justifies making a master mold.


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