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Red's Baron
Red's Baron flew for the first time on September 1, 2001
Click here to view video of one of Red's Baron's FIRST flights


Red's Baron was started in January of 1997, after contemplating plans from several different ultralight designers. Red's Baron is based on the Ragwing Special, which is a wood and fabric ultralight, resembling a Pitts Special. By changing a few areas, cosmetic and structural, with the OK of the designer, Red's Baron is an attempt for an airplane resembling a Stearman Biplane. ......A ride in a Red Baron Pizza Stearman was the inspiration for my project. The following is a record of the construction of my project, which has given me much pleasure, and a little knowledge, as I am a first time builder. The plane's construction was done with common hand and power shop tools, using professionals only when I felt that I didn't have the expertise, or couldn't justify the cost of a NEW TOOL.

Rig jig for upper and lower wings

34 finished ribs

Assembled wings

Stits fabric ready to cover

Covered top wings

Assembled fuslage and my favorite grand-daughter

Rear turtledeck and cockpit cowling

Throttle/choke quadrant

Sparse instrument panel


Redrive and 66X28 prop

Tailspring machined from 7075-T651 aluminium

I hope you have enjoyed viewing my pictures. I'd be happy to answer any questions about my project, just keep in mind that the advice you get will be that of a novice builder and pilot.
You may e-mail me at:
Dennis Frey

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